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NFL Combine 2013 TV schedule: NFL Network coverage begins in earnest on TV and on line

The NFL Network kicks up their coverage of the 2013 NFL Combine on Saturday. We break down the details of how to watch the Combine on television and online.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

We are now through three days of the NFL Combine, and things finally start to pick up. We've had measurements, interviews and press conferences, but Saturday is when things have a chance to get real. Although kickers and punters got in their workouts on Friday, workouts and drills start up for everybody else on Saturday. Offensive linemen and tight ends will go through their on-field workouts and drills as they look to boost their draft stack two months before Roger Goodell begins calling names.

The start of on-field workouts also means the television coverage picks up. Thursday and Friday saw the NFL Network broadcasting press conferences throughout the day. Saturday we get the start of on-field coverage. Beginning at 6:00 a.m. PT the full roster of NFL Network talent will be on hand to break down the nitty-gritty of what we see.

You can watch the Combine on NFL Network on television, but you can also stream it online at If you need your fix of player drills and 40-yard dashes, you'll have plenty of opportunities.

We'll be tracking pertinent players as needed, but you can also check them out on the Combine tracker page at They will also be providing a snapshot of top performers.

We will see a variety of workouts by position, so make sure and check out SB Nation's story stream breaking down the numerous player drills, and what they all mean. While the 40 and the other individual drills are tracked, I find the positional drills much more interesting. We've got a good rundown of those at the mothership, so click on that link above.

As we get ready to track the various workouts, who are you keeping a close eye on throughout the weekend?