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NFL Combine 2013 interviews: Keenan Allen met with 49ers

We take a look at the news that Cal wide receiver Keenan Allen met with the 49ers during the Combine.


The NFL Combine provides a chance for every team to gather and meet with most of the pertinent draft-eligible players. Teams are allow 60+ meetings with players, so we can only take so much out of these meetings. After all, there were reports last year that Jim Harbaugh set up a meeting with Robert Griffin III so he could find out why he turned down Stanford. I'm sure that is mildly exaggerated, but even if partly true, it shows that some meetings very well could be "throwaway" type meetings.

During this year's Combine, the 49ers did get in a meeting with Cal wide receiver Keenan Allen. The big boy from the East Bay said during his press conference that he met with the 49ers and they grilled him pretty hard on the white board:

On doing white-board work for the teams:

Last night I drew up a couple of plays. I did pretty well with it. They actually brought (up) my favorite play from last year, and I've been doing pretty well with the board.

Which teams really grilled you?

The 49ers grilled me really hard on it, the Miami Dolphins, the Denver Broncos ...

What about the possibility of playing in the 49ers offense?

Well, they kind of switched it up having Kaepernick back there. They kind of went to the option, stuff like that. But I'm definitely liking what they're doing, especially being in the Bay Area. They're (a team) I'd be familiar with.

On his fit in their offense

The same thing. He can throw the ball. He throws it out there. They've got Crabtree, Randy Moss, those guys. I feel like I'd fit in that offense as well.

Allen is not running a 40-yard dash on Sunday due to a knee injury he suffered late in the season and then tweaked in training. However, Allen indicated he planned on running a 40 at his Pro Day on March 14. If you happen to be in the Bay Area that day, it might be worth it to swing over to Berkeley to try and check out the Cal Pro Day.