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Alex Smith rumors: Chiefs heating up as possible destination

The Alex Smith rumor mill continues purring along, with the Kansas City Chiefs potentially moving into the lead position.

Joe Robbins

It should surprise nobody that the NFL Combine has brought the Alex Smith rumor mill squarely into focus. The team will likely be working the phones until at least March 12, which means rumors will be swirling virtually every day. It might drive folks crazy, but we'll be doing our best to keep an eye on the market as it develops.

The latest news reinforces the notion that the Kansas City Chiefs are fully interested in acquiring Alex Smith. Ian Rapoport is reporting word is leaking of their interest in Smith. This comes two days after Jason Cole reported the Chiefs were potentially the early leader in Alex Smith interest. It is entirely possible the same source has been providing information to Cole and Rapoport, but it would not be surprising if the Chiefs were in fact the early leader in interest.

Rapoport indicated the 49ers have spent this week laying the groundwork for an eventual deal, and pointed to one particular reason the Chiefs would be interested:

At this point, based on what I'm hearing, Kansas City has shown more interest than anyone else in dealing for a quarterback who could step in and start from Day 1 while the rest of the franchise is rebuilt.

Alex Smith would indeed be that kind of guy. The Chiefs make a lot of sense as a trade partner, and I think Alex Smith could potentially be amenable to a move to Kansas City. Trent Baalke indicated he has spoken with Alex and his wife, and it sounds like the team is trying to work with him to find a good destination.

The Chiefs head into April's NFL Draft with the top pick. They need all sorts of help, but they also have a great weapons in Jamaal Charles, and potentially another strong one in Dwayne Bowe if the Chiefs bring him back. Add in some offensive line talent and a solid QB mind in Andy Reid, and I could see this kind of pairing working out. We won't know until mid-March, but for now, the Chiefs would seem to make a lot of sense.