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Alex Smith rumors: Jason LaCanfora reports deal to unnamed team 'effectively complete'

We break down the news Jason LaCanfora is reporting a deal is effectively complete to send Alex Smith to an unnamed team.


CBS Sports' Jason LaCanfora just tweeted out that the San Francisco 49ers are telling other teams that a deal for Alex Smith is "effectively complete." He did not know the second team, but he felt the Chiefs and Jaguars made some measure of sense. The Chiefs emerged as the leading candidate in recent days, although the market could very well have included the Jaguars, Cardinals, Browns, Bills, Raiders, Jets and others.

We'll go through the rumors and see what we can figure out, but if the rumors and smoke are any indication, the Chiefs would seem to be that team. It remains speculation until we hear a bit more, but as James Brady mentioned to me, this would seemingly be fairly solid news. If this is true, it would seem to mean the 49ers found a deal they liked and want to lock it down. Nothing is official until March 12, so either side could change their mind I suppose.

It will be interesting to see what kind of pick or picks are acquired, or if the deal potentially includes players as well. My guess is we are talking just picks, but who knows. We are now left waiting and wondering what exactly is included, and if the deal agreed to now is what we see next month when the league year starts. The race to find out the other team and the particulars of the exchange is now on!