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NFL mock draft 2013: What will Dashon Goldson franchise tag issue mean?

We look at a new mock draft, released as the NFL Combine is coming to a close. This one projects a safety to the 49ers. How long till the Dashon Goldson contract situation clears it up a bit?

Chris Graythen

Over the weekend, rumors surfaced that the 49ers were leaning toward not using their franchise tag on free safety Dashon Goldson. The report also indicated the two sides were not particularly close on a potential extension. We have not heard any new details, but given how this relationship has developed over the years, this actually is not all that surprising.

That brings us to the latest Mocking the Draft mock draft. Their mock has consistently focused the 49ers first round pick on Florida International safety Jonathan Cyprien. Their mid-Combine mock draft continues to link Cyprien to the 49ers:

Jonathan Cyprien has emerged as one of the top safeties in this class, and the Super Bowl showed San Francisco's warts at the safety position. Consider that the Niners came out of left field to pick A.J. Jenkins a year ago, and it doesn't seem too farfetched that they would go after Cyprien.

If the 49ers do not franchise or re-sign Dashon Goldson, safety becomes one of the top needs for the team. They could sign someone in free agency, but it seems more logical to look for a long-term answer fairly early in the draft.

This is just one more reason mock drafts have only so much value at this point. After free agency starts we can focus in on the positions being mocked out. For now though, it remains speculation without further word on Goldson's status. The 49ers could find a safety early that fits BPA no matter who is on the roster, but in that instance, a trade down would seem more likely. For now, we wait and see what Dashon Goldson's future holds.