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Alex Smith trade rumors: 49ers QB deal in place...or maybe not...or maybe?

The pre-free agency portion of the NFL offseason is frequently filled with numerous rumors. The Alex Smith rumor mill is no exception as there are a wide array of rumors to interpret.

Joe Robbins

We have officially entered crazy town! Yesterday afternoon, Jason LaCanfora tweeted out that a deal to trade Alex Smith was "effectively complete." That was followed by reports that the Jaguars were not the team, and then the Browns were not the team. Most speculation centered on the Chiefs as the likely destination, although plenty of you are considering some of the alternative teams.

Well, now Matt Barrows is reporting that league sources have told him the 49ers do not currently have a deal in place, but they are talking to teams about Alex Smith.

So what does this all mean? Who really knows! As Barrows initially tweeted out, we have to consider the caveat that everybody might be lying about everything at this point. It is possible nothing is done. It is also possible that the 49ers "not currently hav[ing] a deal in place" could actually be a smokescreen for their "effectively complete" deal. We don't actually know what "effective complete" means.

And we also don't know if Jason LaCanfora is reading the tea leaves a little too much with his own report. Is LaCanfora getting his information from the 49ers, from a team that inquired and was rebuffed by the 49ers, or maybe Alex Smith's agent? All of this does not necessarily mean LaCanfora was incorrect with his report, but in reality we just don't know largely because we don't know where LaCanfora is getting his information.

Interpret the speculation however you want. We've got two more weeks of this, so it is not stopping anytime soon!