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NFL Combine transcript: Colin Kaepernick back in 2011

It was only two years ago that 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick was going through the NFL Combine process. He spoke with the media and Eric Branch was able to dig up his transcript. We take a look at it and what it says about the 49ers current offensive scheming.

Ezra Shaw

As the NFL Combine comes to a close tomorrow, it is as good a time as any to remember that we are only two years removed from 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick showing up in Indianapolis to show his skills. As with many high profile players, Kap had a chance to meet with the media upon his arrival. 49ers beat writer Eric Branch took a trip in the way back machine to find a transcript of Kaepernick's press conference.

I was intrigued by a similar portion of the transcript as Branch. Kaepernick was asked about his work in the pistol, and how it might translate:

How is the running the pistol going to translate into the pro game?

CK: I don't think our offense will directly translate. But I think we do a bunch of things as progressions, protections that are similar to what NFL teams do and we just call them something different. I think picking up on terminology will be a big thing for me, learning what those mean as opposed to what we call things.

A lot of people around the Internet have taken to calling the 49ers 2012 offense a pistol attack, or a read option attack. As Greg Roman has repeatedly said, the pistol and read option are aspects of the offense, but they are not "the offense". The 49ers did not look to translate the pistol entirely into their offense. Rather, they implemented aspects of it. They did use it a lot, but they remain a power rushing outfit. Obviously adding Kaepernick brings something significant to their offensive attack, but it starts from the offensive line and moves out.

Kaepernick and his receivers are in Atlanta working out as we speak, getting ready for OTAs and minicamp later this spring. This offseason is huge for Kaepernick for a variety of reasons. Defenses will spend quite a bit of time trying to figure out an answer to his many tools, as well as the diversity of the 49ers offensive attack. That means he (and Greg Roman) will need to adjust both during the offseason, and as he sees new looks once the season gets here. Given how creative the 49ers offense was while switching to Colin Kaepernick on the fly, I can only imagine what a full offseason could mean for this offense.