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49ers new stadium: Team names SunPower as official solar power partner

The San Francisco 49ers have added another partner to their new stadium project. The latest addition, SunPower Inc. will supply the solar panels that will help the 49ers offset power consumed by the stadium during home games.

SunPower CEO Tom Werner and San Francisco 49ers CEO Jed York with the first high-efficiency SunPower solar panel
SunPower CEO Tom Werner and San Francisco 49ers CEO Jed York with the first high-efficiency SunPower solar panel
San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers continue the process of securing various partners for their new Santa Clara stadium, adding SunPower Inc. to the project. SunPower will supply 400 kilowatts of high efficiency solar panels, which will be used to generate enough electricity over the course of a year to offset the power consumed by the stadium during 49ers home games.

SunPower solar panels will be featured in three solar array-covered bridges, a solar canopy above the green roof on the suite tower portion of the stadium and over the 49ers training facility. The solar panels will be produced at SunPower's Silicon Valley manufacturing facility.

The panels will be installed by previously announced partner, NRG Energy. It is all part of the 49ers efforts to create one of the most environmentally sustainable stadium in the world. The 49ers would join MetLife Stadium and FedEx Field in utilizing solar power to help offset stadium power consumption. However, MetLife's panels only cover 10% of energy needs, while FedEx Field's covers 20%.

"We are pleased that SunPower's industry-leading solar technology will be an integral part of our innovative and sustainable vision for the stadium," said Jed York, Chief Executive Officer, San Francisco 49ers. "As we strive to create a sports and entertainment venue that embodies all that is special about the Bay Area and Silicon Valley, it is fitting that SunPower, with its global headquarters less than two miles from the new stadium, will be providing us with its high-efficiency solar panels."

I am particularly intrigued by the eventual technological advancements we see in the new stadium. If the stadium is able to embody all that is special about Silicon Valley, we could be looking at quite the slick technologically advanced stadium.