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Alex Smith trade rumors: Cardinals exploring trade possibility, according to report

We take a look at the latest rumor in the Alex Smith trade rumor mill. The Arizona Cardinals are reportedly exploring a trade, whatever that means.

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Ralph Freso

The Alex Smith trade rumor mill continues to chug along with the Arizona Cardinals joining the mix. There has been some speculation that the Cardinals might try and look into a deal, and this provides arguably the first "solid" rumor to include them. writer Kent Somers is reporting an NFL source indicated the Cardinals "are exploring the possibility of trading" for Smith.

Somers is not sure how serious the investigation is by the Cardinals, but he thinks they are intrigued by several things he brings to the table, including experience and intelligence. The Cardinals had a solid defense, and have some useful skill position players, but the QB position has been a black hole for them. Kolb showed some signs early before getting hurt, and the team now has to decide if they want to pay him a $2 million bonus on March 17.

The Cardinals join the Chiefs at the head of the rumor mill. The Chiefs have been the most prominently mentioned team thus far, but there is always the chance for another team to get a deal done. The Browns and Jaguars have denied being the team involved in Jason LaCanfora's report, but of course that report may be incorrect at this point. Other teams that could still work into the mix include the Bills and Raiders. Both teams have a starting quarterback in place, but might look for a more stable option.

There is always the chance that a mystery option emerges as the 49ers trading partner. And it is possible this ends up dragging past the March 12 start of the league year. I don't think it lasts much past that because of the chance to clear cap space for free agents, but anything is possible at this point.