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2013 NFL Review/Preview: Jacksonville Jaguars

I review and preview the 2-14 Jaguars as they head into Free Agency.


It is time to move onto the AFC South. We will play all four teams this upcoming season, and so I decided to start with the bottom of the pack. Today, let's look at the Jacksonville Jaguars.

On a note most pertinent to the 49ers, it appears that the Jaguars are going to stick with Blaine Gabbert, even after his rough two first seasons in the league. This, probably, takes them out of the Alex Smith equation. Such a decision, though, is probably foolish. QB is absolutely an area of need for the team. Their offense lacks the firepower that, frankly, it could have with a healthy Maurice Jones-Drew and wideouts Cecil Shorts and Justin Blackmon. With even average QB, this offense could win a few games for the team. With Gabbert? I'm just not seeing it.

So, let's hope that the Jaguars don't pick up a better QB. This year, we face them on the road. But, they are hardly the "home" team, since we play them in London. Travelling that far is always hard, and I think we would all be more comfortable facing Gabbert rather than Alex Smith.

There are new faces in the building, though. While Gabbert is a holdover, large portions of the team received a makeover. The team hired a new GM in David Caldwell and head coach in Gus Bradley. They have brought along OC Jedd Fisch and DC Bob Babich.

Bob Babich is really going to need to find a way to get some pass rush going, either from the Defensive End position or at the Outside Linebacker position. Both areas are positions of need for the team, and without shoring the defense up, the Jags stand no chance of winning with Gabbert under center.

Key Free Agents: FB Greg Jones, OLB Daryl Smith, CB Derek Cox