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Alex Smith traded to Kansas City Chiefs, according to reports

We take a look at Jay Glazer's report that Alex Smith has been traded to the Chiefs.

Joe Robbins

Jay Glazer is reporting (following Jason LaCanfora's weekend report) that the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs have agreed to terms on a trade for Alex Smith. Glazer tweeted that the Chiefs "really made a commitment to Smith." The terms remain unclear, but one has to wonder if this commitment includes a new contract for Smith.

While we'll never know just how correct Jason LaCanfora was on Sunday, or where Barrows and other reports were on Monday, it really doesn't matter if this is all correct. This gives us two reports that a trade is done, and one confirmation that it is in fact the Chiefs.

Tim Kawakami is reporting a basic framework:

Other reports on Twitter have said, "at least a second rounder", so it would seem the 49ers are at least getting the 34th pick of the draft (second pick of the second round). If that is in fact correct, and the 49ers are getting that second and a "similar pick" next year, all I have to say is DAMN. That would be a solid haul if true.

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