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Anthony Davis responds to Terrell Suggs radio comments

Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs inferred during a radio interview that 49ers OT Anthony Davis is a fake tough guy. Anthony Davis did not respond well to these comments.


Earlier today, the San Francisco 49ers announced their team awards, and right tackle Anthony Davis claimed the Bobb McKittrick Award. This award is voted on by the offensive line and goes to the lineman who best represents the courage, intensity and sacrifice displayed by the longtime offensive line coach.

AD had a strong season as he took a big step forward at the right tackle position. His improvement coupled with Alex Boone's emergence as the right guard (possibly related, of course) were two big reasons the 49ers offensive line became one of the best in the NFL.

Of course, Davis is also one to get into a scrape here or there. We see it on the field as he looks to defend his teammates, but we also see it off the field at times on Twitter. Earlier today, Davis had a few comments about Terrell Suggs, who earlier in the day had called Davis a fake tough guy. Suggs was on KNBR and had praise for the rest of the line, but clearly had some thoughts about Davis.

The Ravens may have won the Super Bowl, but I don't think the Ravens defense can be chirping a whole ton. They had their moments of strong play, but the 49ers offense did some good work against them in the second half. But Suggs is a talker, and that's what is going to come of this kind of thing.