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Alex Smith traded to the Chiefs: What does it mean for you as a fan?

We take a look at some odds related to Alex Smith's first season with the Kansas City Chiefs, and discuss what this all means for 49ers fans moving forward.

Joe Robbins

Shortly after the news broke that Alex Smith had been traded to the Kansas City Chiefs, the folks at Bovada were quick to come out with odds on Alex Smith's first season in the AFC West. They took a look at several over/unders:

Alex Smith - Total Passing Yards in the 2013 Regular Season

Over/Under - 3000

Alex Smith - Total TD Passes in the 2013 Regular Season

Over/Under - 18½

Alex Smith - Total Interceptions in the 2013 Regular Season

Over/Under - 10.5

This got me thinking about Alex Smith and 49ers fans. The relationship 49ers fans have had with Alex Smith is complicated, to say the least. Fans started to get excited after year two and then things took a significant turn for the worse in year three. Everything hit rock bottom in 2010, before rising out of the ashes for an unbelievable return to glory. It was quite the roller coaster.

Now, the Alex Smith era is coming to an end when he officially becomes a Chief in two weeks. We're all 49ers fans first and foremost, but this raises some interesting considerations as football fans.

I think there are three general categories of fans as we move past the Alex Smith era:

1. Fans who will only focus on the 49ers - this group includes people that couldn't stand Smith, and people who wish him the best, but once he's gone he's gone and it's time to move on.

2. Fans who will check the Chiefs box score and look for some Alex Smith highlights

3. Fans who will adopt the Chiefs as their "second team"

This does not cover everybody, but I think this hits on most. For me, I think I'm somewhere between group two and group three. I will pay fairly close attention to the Chiefs, but it won't necessarily be as a "second team". Rather, I've invested so much time into Alex Smith, and I'd like to see where this next step of his career takes him. I suppose I might lose interest quickly, but being in opposite conferences, and the Chiefs potentially playing more earlier games than the 49ers, it could give me a chance to keep an eye on Smith.

Of course, when the 49ers and Chiefs square off in 2014, there is obviously no question I'm rooting for the 49ers with every fiber of my being. There is a good chance that game is in the 49ers new stadium in Santa Clara given that the 49ers traveled to Kansas City the last two times they met. If the Chiefs are remotely decent next season, I have to think 49ers-Chiefs 2014 will be a primetime affair. And maybe the two teams meet to open the new stadium? It's too soon to tell, but it's interesting to speculate.

How do you see yourself viewing Alex Smith next season and beyond? Is he officially out of your life and you are ready to get back to the business of 49ers football? Or will he be someone you can't helpt but follow in the coming years at Arrowhead?