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Golden Nuggets: Alex Smith traded to Chiefs for draft gold

Thursday, February 28, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Brian Bahr

What a steal. Let me repeat that, in bold and all caps. WHAT A STEAL. I know there's still a bit more to find out about the Alex Smith trade and we may not know the details until March 12, the start of the league year. If what is being reported is true, we get the Chiefs 2nd round pick, 34th overall, and a conditional 3rd rounder for 2014. The value for the 34th is unreal. Since the NFL has separated the first and second rounds, the first couple selections in round two have seen a huge increase in value. Teams have an entire night to examine who is still on the board, figure out what they're willing to give up for them, and work out a deal. If we're looking to flip some of our 2013 picks for 2014 picks, there's really no better slot (33rd notwithstanding).

There's a lot to say about the trade, so I'll let the pros get to it. I'll link to as many articles as I can so you can pick your favorites. Sorry it's getting up late. I've had a busy evening here in Australia, but still wanted this edition to be full. No time to spell check. Links...

Alex Smith Trade

Christian Gin sums up my feelings exactly. I really didn't think we'd get better than a 3rd rounder. I'm not a big draftnik. I don't follow college football. But I know that those first picks of the second round are gold. Red & Gold. If there is any player that any team covets, we'll get yet another haul for that pick. | 49ers get a steal in trade with Kansas City (Gin)

BASG has his take. While he was finishing up a post on the pros / cons of trading Alex Smith within the division, the news broke, rendering it useless. At least he got one post out of it. | 49ers will trade Alex Smith to Chiefs for two draft picks (BASG)

It didn't take long for Las Vegas to weigh in on Alex Smith's 2nd chance at resurrecting a dead franchise. They have over/unders on all the key statistical categories. I'm so glad we live in a world where people can bet on anything and celebrities can insure their butts. | Alex Smith's 2013 over/unders released (CBS)

ESPN has a good concept on their blogs called double coverage. I'm pretty sure it's new (don't correct me if I'm wrong). The blogger for each of the two teams involved in an issue or game give a point and counterpoint to the topic. Mike Sando and AFC West blogger Matt Williamson discuss the Smith trade and it's fallout. | Double coverage: Trading Alex Smith (Sando)

Sando has some solo thoughts on the trade. He cites the weakness of this years draft as the possible impetus for the trade. With no quality quarterbacks to draft, the Chiefs had to pull the trigger on the deal. Luckily the draft is deep in defensive linemen, a position we should be looking to upgrade. | Alex Smith to Chiefs: Thoughts on trade (Sando)

Sando has stats for both Alex Smith and Matt Cassel. Oddly, they have similar stats for 2008-2012. That, of course, includes the year Cassel filled in for Tom Brady and earned the Chiefs job. Alex had some pedestrian years before Harbaugh rode into town to save the day. Last year, though, was a blowout. | Inside slant: Alex Smith vs Matt Cassel (Sando)

The two-headed 9erhydra monster of Cam Inman and Tim Kawakami have written a definitive article about Alex Smith, the trade, and his time here in San Francisco. | 49ers agree to trade Alex Smith to Kansas City Chiefs (Inman / Kawakami)

Ray Ratto discusses Smith, his legacy, why he was the consummate teammate, and why he'll be missed. If you don't miss Alex Smith, going forward, you have no soul. | Alex Smith will be missed (Ratto)

Kansas City, where ex-49er QBs go to retire. It's weird, but true. Cam Inman give the entire history of this one way street. Illustrious names such as Joe Montana, Elvis Grbac, Steve Bono and Steve DeBerg have travelled it. | Smith following lead of other ex-49ers QBs to Chiefs, drawing high draft picks in return (Inman)

And in another sign of how well Alex was liked and respected... Let's hope Desmond Bryant's now-famous mug shot isn't one of the tweets. | Bay Area athletes tweet best wishes to Alex Smith (CSN)

We got a great draft haul. Now the big question is: Dude, where's my backup? I have no idea if Scott Tolzien is ready for the job. I'm going to assume that we're going to sign a veteran, experienced backup to provide some insurance. Everyone says we're saving $8 mil by trading Smith, but we're going to shell out a couple million for the new backup. It's one of those hidden costs you don't see in the fine print. | With Smith out the door, who's behind Colin Kaepernick? (Barrows)

Mark Purdy does a Grant Cohn and tries to put a wet blanket on all the joy. What if Colin Kaepernick gets hurt? He has a point, but we really couldn't afford to pay our backup QB $8 million. Would he rather us keep Smith and let 4 other FAs walk? | Assuming the worst in Alex Smith trade (Purdy)

Ah, but wait. Nobody from the Chiefs has said a thing about the proposed deal. What if this is all a big hoax pulled by the North Korean government? | Chiefs mum on Alex Smith report (Pro Football Talk)

As we all know, nothing is over until the fat lady sings. I have watched the news and there were no reports of such an event. Until March 12, no fat ladies will be singing in regards to any NFL rumor. | Alex Smith trade not done 'til it's done (Pro Football Talk)

Did you know that Kawakami is the name of one of the most notorious, glorious Japanese crust punks to ever live. RIP Kawakami. Whenever I see Tim's name, that's what I think of. | Alex Smith to KC: 49ers did right by him, worked the right channels, and made out like bandits along the way (Kawakami)

This shows what so-called expert, Trent Dilfer knows. He thinks the 49ers hit a home run with the Alex Smith trade. That's baseball, dude! We scored a touchdown. | Dilfer on Alex Smith trade: '49ers hit a home run' (CSN)

How good is this trade for Kansas City? We'll know in 9 months time. It gives them a chance, says SI's Michael Rosenberg. That's more than a lot of teams have. | Smith gives Chiefs a chance, and that's enough in today's NFL (

How does the Smith trade affect the quarterback market. It may end up helping our greatest enemy, the Seahawks. They have perhaps the next-most coveted QB available in Matt Flynn. His value is nowhere near that of Smith's as he's more of an unknown. But all it takes is one GM wanting to make a splash. | How the Alex Smith trade affects the quarterback market (SB Nation)

49ers will trade Smith to Chiefs for huge haul (Branch)

Smith off to KC; 49ers to haul in draft picks (Barrows)

49ers, Chiefs have deal in place for Smith (Maiocco)

49ers get richer by trading Alex Smith (

Niners making right moves with Alex Smith (NBC)

Chiefs decision to trade for Smith says plenty about their options (Pro Football Talk)

Alex Smith leaves muddled 49ers legacy (CSN)

Alex Smith to Chiefs: What they are saying (CSN)

Can Smith emulate Montana's success in KC? (CSN)

Reactions to deal that will send Alex Smith to Chiefs (Mercury News)

Without Alex Smith, what's 49ers backup plan? (Branch)

Alex Smith trade sparks reaction from 49ers teammates (Kawakami / Inman)

Alex Smith headed to Kansas City after Chiefs-49ers trade (

How Alex Smith will do on the Chiefs (Cohn)

And, if out of curiosity, you want to see what the folks at Arrowhead Pride, our SB Nation Chiefs' blog, have to say, here's the link. It should be noted that the story stream has over 8,000 comments so far. Big day if you're a Chiefs fan. QB play ruined quite a few games for them last year. | Arrowhead Pride story stream

Non-Alex News

Anthony Davis got into a Twitter war with Terrell Suggs. Suggs dissed him on KNBR and Bam replied with tweets. Pretty silly, really, but there's no reason for Suggs to call him out. Enjoy your ring and have some class. | Terrell Suggs calls out Anthony Davis on KNBR, Bam responds (BASG)

One by-product of the Alex Smith trade is the freeing up of $$$. With all the picks the Niners have in this years draft, some possible targets will start to see their name fly around. Sando tackles the Darrelle Revis chatter, saying exactly why we shouldn't make the deal. | Point-counterpoint: Darrelle Revis trade (Sando)

Matt Barrows discusses key 49ers that may or may not be with us in the near future. Disregard his comments on Alex Smith, this article came out in the morning. | Who stays? Where things stand on key 49ers (Barrows)

Many analysts are predicting the 49ers will be without one of their starting safeties from last season. Dashon Goldson is the one not under contract. If we were looking to draft a safety, who would we want? | 49ers in market for a safety? (Maiocco)

I've been citing the Patriots as the model for draftsploitation. The 49ers are now set to dominate the draft like few teams have. The draft world is our oyster. (Cue maniacal laughter as Harbaalke rubs it's hands together in a sinister fashion) | Niners are in position to dominate draft, and NFL (Pro Football Talk)

Will they? Won't they? The issue of franchise tagging Dashon Goldson should take center stage, now that Alex's drama is presumably behind us. | Dashon Goldson reportedly won't be tagged by 49ers (

Last week, during the combine, it was reported that the 49ers were looking at the possibility of acquiring a top-tier, shutdown corner. The apparently had made enquiries with many different teams about prying away their ace. Darrelle Revis is a hot name because the Jets are a mess, both in roster and finance. | 49ers reportedly 'poised' to make run at Darrelle Revis (Pro Football Talk)

And a last bit about what other trades the 49ers could have up their sleeves. The two names that are consistently popping up are Percy Harvin and Revis. | Alex Smith trade opens up possibilities for 49ers, including Darrelle Revis (

49ers announce 2012 team awards (

Roll call: Listing off 49ers projected draft slots (Inman)

VIDEO: Peter King: Chiefs best fit for Smith (King)

VIDEO: Combine conversation: Jason LaCanfora (

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