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Final NFL salary cap set at $123 million, according to report

We take a look at the reported final salary cap figure as the NFL approaches the new league year on March 12.


Fooch's Note: Chris Mortensen is now saying the $900,000 is minimum salary benefits, making it effectively a $123 million cap. We'll have to figure out what that means exactly.

Earlier today, Ian Rapoport and Albert Breer both reported the NFL informed teams that the 2013 salary cap would be $123 million. Now, it sounds like the number could be even more. ESPN's Chris Mortensen is reporting the number is actually $123.9 million. As we've said before, it may not be a huge increase, but every penny counts when your team is creeping up near it.

When the cap appeared to be sitting at $123 million and change, the 49ers were looking to be around $657,000 over the cap. This further increase means the 49ers now are moving under the cap. According to our cap man Jason Hurley, the 49ers would now be $342,425 under the cap when the new league year starts on March 12. The trade of Alex Smith would then get them to approximately $10 million under the cap when they clear out his $9.75 million cap figure.

While this means the 49ers would not need to make any adjustments between now and the start of the league year, I have to think they're at least looking over some of their options. Whether it be working out an extension with Justin Smith that lowers his current cap number, or getting ready to release David Akers, the team is not standing pat.