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Colin Kaepernick NFL Network interview: 49ers QB talks Alex Smith, "Let's Move" and Michelle Obama's guns

We take a look at some of the highlights of 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick's appearance on NFL Network's Total Access.

Tasos Katopodis

In case you missed it, 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick made the rounds on Thursday promoting the Let's Move program, and of course getting plenty of questions about the Alex Smith trade. That included an appearance on NFL Network's Total Access at 4:00 p.m. PT. You can catch video of the interview at

It was interesting watching Kap in an interview that did not revolve around a just completed game, or the team's upcoming opponent. It was much more entertaining than the Q&A sessions he has with the media during the season. This is not shocking by any means, as he does seem to have a fun personality in the right circumstances.

During the interview, he touched on several topics. He was interviewed while in Chicago, where he was appearing with First Lady Michelle Obama to promote the "Let's Move" campaign. The First Lady is trying to fight childhood obesity in America, and the Let's Move program is met to get kids up and moving, even as budget cuts around the country have removed many activity options for kids.

Kap was asked what surprised him most about Obama, and he said it was the fact that she was so tall, clocking in at close to six feet tall. He was also asked about having her Kaepernick during one appearance, and he did say he had asked her to get a picture of it. The best line of the interview came next when he said, " She probably has the best guns of any girl around."

Kap was also asked about the Alex Smith trade, but the question focused on what he would miss most about Alex as a teammate:

"The biggest thing with Alex is he was always in my ear about making sure I was seeing the defense. Did I see the safeties do this? Did I see the rotation? Just making sure I had mental clarity when I stepped on the field."

That will be a big thing to track in Kaepernick's second season as a starter. He is a smart guy, and I don't doubt he can continue to improve on the mental side of things, but it will be a constant battle with defenses frequently adjusting to what he brings to the table. Alex Smith was a pretty important set of eyes on the sideline that no doubt benefited Kaepernick. I don't think it developed into any sort of crutch for Kap, but losing that experienced, intelligent set of eyes is still something to track in 2013.