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How to watch Super Bowl 2013 online?

We run down the various options for watching Super Bowl 47 online.

Christian Petersen

Fooch's Note: Your Super Bowl story stream.

In recent years, the NFL has gotten better and better with their online access to video content. NFL Rewind has been a blessing, but the NFL really took a step forward when they started live streaming the Super Bowl. CBS will be broadcasting Super Bowl XLVII, and they are providing this year's live online stream at

Even if you are watching the game on television, the CBS live stream provides features that provide an excellent secondary viewing option. The live stream will provide four alternate camera angles that give interesting perspectives. Here is how CBS describes the four angles:

  • The All-22 camera angle provides a high, full-field view from the 50 yard line showing all players on the field. Used in the broadcast as a telestrator feature to break down plays, the live All-22 angle is ideal for fans who want to study formations and get a coach's perspective on each play.
  • The Fan Choice camera is a fixed position camera in the best position to hunt for compelling views of the game action. The view will change throughout the game based upon a producer's choice or polls of the stream audience on the most-wanted viewing angle, bringing a higher level of interactivity into the game experience.
  • The Sideline camera provides field-level views of the action from a camera mounted on a cart. The positioning moves with the plays to focus on the offensive action, making this angle especially useful for goal-line situations.
  • The Cable camera angle provides an aerial view of the field, positioned behind the play, and stays with the ball.

The stream will also provide pertinent DVR functionality, real-time statistics and game highlights.

NBC uses a variety of this for Sunday Night Football, but we get nothing else streamed like this on a regular basis. DirecTV subscribers can stream games, but just from the regular view. These extra views can create a great user experience. Now the NFL just needs to allow this for more games and we'll be all set!

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