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Golden Nuggets: Get Six or Die Trying; Super Bowl Sunday - 49ers vs Ravens

Sunday, February 3, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web. For all the psyched-up, psycho, die-hard Niners fans, a Super Nuggets for a Super Bowl.

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Andy Lyons

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us. The most glorious day in sports, made even more gloriouser when your team is participating in the greatest spectacle known to man. I don't know about you guys, but I didn't sleep a wink last night. OK, I'm writing this the night before, but I'm pretty sure this will hold true.

There are a ton of links and I spent about 10 hours yesterday writing about Super Bowls past, present, future and everything in between. I'm ready for my head to explode and have red and gold confetti come flying out. In lieu of that I'll cram some links down your throats. Read, soak it in, enjoy....Super Bowl.

Now Coach Harbaugh must know exactly how Darth Vader feels. | 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh has Raven for a son (NBC)

Super Bowl XLVII Previews

Here's my preview piece on the game. The 49ers are too quick on offense for the Ravens. Colin Kaepernick, LaMichael James, Vernon Davis and Delanie Walker against the Ravens linebackers and safeties will be too much. Who on their defense covers who? Harbaugh and Roman will find away to exploit it. And on defense, we've got so many playmakers, one will step up and make the key play. | Speed on offense, playmakers on defense will carry 49ers to victory (Malone)

A good one by BASG detailing how the Ravens might be able to harry and pressure Colin Kaepernick. The opening line is funny as heck, but you'll have to click to find out. | That's so Ravens, Part II: How will Baltimore attack Colin Kaepernick? (BASG)

Mike Sando gives his definitive take on the game. Both teams have protected the ball well this year and have scored off of opponents mistakes in the postseason. He's looking for a big game from Vernon Davis against the Ravens coverage. Joe Flacco is hot but Kaepernick is still harder to defend. | Final word: Super Bowl XLVII (Sando)

Some keys to the game are obvious. Don't give up the deep ball is one of them. But having Donte Whitner smack the crap of someone like he did against the Saints in last year's postseason is a keen idea. | 5 keys to victory for San Francisco (CBS)

One key to the 49ers' success has been blocking. It's not just the offensive line, it's receivers on run plays and quarterback scrambles (specifically Michael Crabtree), it's running backs on blitzes it's Vernon Davis all the time. | 49ers' tight ends, fullback block more (SF Gate)

It's obvious that the 49ers must do a better job against the deep ball and the Ravens receivers than they did against the Falcons. Everyone is worried about the deep ball in this one but the Falcons' triple threat are are far more dangerous than the Ravens' trio. Yes, Torrey Smith beat Champ Bailey, one of the best in the game, but our nickel defense has consistently been impenetrable this season. | 49ers-Ravens key matchup No. 5: 49ers CBs vs Ravens WRs (Maiocco)

49ers-Ravens key matchup No. 6: Alex Boone vs Haloti Ngata (Maiocco)

Breaking down the 49ers-Ravens advantages (Mercury News)

Kawakami: And the winner will be... (Kawakami)

Keys to victory: Niners must run and rush (USA Today)

Matchups: 49ers' offensive line vs Ravens' defensive line (SF Gate)

Matchups: 49ers' linebackers vs Ravens' backs and tight ends (SF Gate)

Matchups: 49ers' backs and tight ends vs Ravens' linebackers (SF Gate)

Matchups: 49ers' defensive line vs Ravens' offensive line (SF Gate)

Assorted Super Bowl

BASG doesn't mind Randy Moss being the mouth of the South. I know a lot of you are upset about him claiming to be the GOAT, but you can't blame the second best player at his position for thinking he's the best, can you? | Randy Moss can't stop saying nice things about (and to) Colin Kaepernick (BASG)

One of the big problems the 49ers faced in Harbowl I was protecting Alex Smith. The 49ers gave up 9 sacks and were unable to get things moving on offense. It's a different story with Kaepernick behind center. The team has given up a single sack in each of the last 5 games. | Terrell Suggs, Joe Staley heap praise on each other in advance of matchup (Mercury News)

How the Ravens' aged linebackers and safeties will react to the read-option and lightning quick optioneer Colin Kaepernick will be a big factor in the game, especially on the astroturf at the Superdome. | Read-option will test Ray Lewis, Ravens' defense (Press Democrat)

5 things the 49ers won't try on Super Bowl Sunday (Gin)

For Vernon Davis there's no 'I' in team (Gin)

3 records that could fall (CBS)

Player safety takes center stage all week (Mercury News)

49ers mailbag: Kap impersonator helping Ravens prepare (Maiocco)

Family, friends join 49ers for light workout at Superdome (Branch)

Colin Kaepernick favorite at 49ers' practice (

49ers pool report: Under the Super Bowl lights (Maiocco)

Ravens pool report: Hardly a practice (CSN)

Kaepernick, Flacco carrying banner for smaller schools (Press Democrat)

Jim Harbaugh confident about Sunday at final practice (

Super Bowl tweets of the day (SF Gate)

Joe Flacco content to stay out of spotlight (Mercury News)

Ray Rice touts receiving skills (SF Gate)

Ravens believe they're 'team of destiny' (SF Gate)

Assorted 49ers News

Former owner Eddie DeBartolo Jr. failed to make into the Hall of Fame, along with former 49ers Charles Haley. Ex-Niner Larry Allen was inshrined, but he'll go in as a Cowboy. Boo him. | Eddie DeBartolo misses cut for Hall of Fame induction (Gin)

Hall of Fame snub easy to understand (Poole)

DeBartolo, Haley deserve to be in hall (Killion)

I'm expecting big things from LaMichael James. He may decoy for Kaepernick in the read-option, it may be on kick returns, it could be making the Ravens linebackers cover him in the passing game. He does a lot of things well for a rookie. Now about that other one... | LaMichael James giving 49ers a jolt of energy (NBC)

I've been thinking about it lately and the current 49ers may have the best linebacking corps in history. It's a big statement, but when your unheralded member, Ahmad Brooks is getting All-Pro recognition (Peter King, for one) then you know you have something special on your hands. | Best linebackers in history? (Press Democrat)

Well, hopefully this will all be behind him. Ex-GSW Tim Hardaway made strides after famously making homophobic comments. It looks like Chris Culliver is taking all the right first steps in recovering his image. | Culliver will reach out to 'Trevor Project' to learn more about LGBTQ (Inman)

Culliver acquaintance filmed iconic gay-rights film (Barrows)

The origins of Kaepernicking (NBC)

49ers strike gold with 'pistol' offense (USA Today)

How current 49ers stack up against past champions (Press Democrat)

49ers play under the shadows of greatness (Mercury News)

Joe Montana: Niners from '89 would beat current team (

KNBR conversation: Ex-49er Steve Young (SF Gate)

Assorted Media

BASGCast (Episode 24): BASG interview Anthony Dixon and Ahmad Brooks (BASG)

Reliving Coach Harbaugh's career as a movie, TV actor (Mercury News)

Kaepernicking craze in New Orleans (Mercury News)

49ers alumni meet in New Orleans (

49ers Super Bowl rally (

Being a Sheep

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