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Super Bowl odds 2013: 49ers money coming in late

We take a final look at the odds on Super Bowl Sunday.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Super Bowl Sunday is here! Two weeks ago, the 49ers opened as five point favorites and early Ravens money dropped the line down to four fairly quickly. The line settled in at 3 1/2 for much of the last week as money seemed evenly split.

That all appears to be changing late in the build-up. After expecting the line to settle at 3 1/2, some online sports books have been getting enough action to move the line back to 49ers -4. Additionally, some Las Vegas sports books are expecting the line to get up to -4 1/2 in a lot of places.

I think we saw a lot of the emotion of the Ravens drawing in early money. Ray Lewis and company have been provided with the "team of destiny" label, and a lot of people seem content to jump on that. However, on paper, the 49ers are the better team. The better team does not always win the game, but the basic nuts and bolts of this do favor the 49ers.

And so, we wait for the 3:30 p.m. kickoff and hope for the best!

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