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Super Bowl picks and predictions 2013: Putting a bow on it

We take a final look at my own prediction for Sunday's game.

Crown Royal

The folks at Crown Royal got in touch with me last week about an interesting idea they had. They asked me to make a game prediction and they would then get it printed on a Crown Royal. They took the picture above, as well as the picture below of a Playboy Playmate Jessa holding the bag at the Playboy Super Bowl Party. Unfortunately I was not in attendance!


What's actually cool about this is they will take embroidered "camo" Crown Royal bag, stuff it with snacks and send it to a U.S. soldier serving overseas as part of the Crown Royal Heroes Project. So, I suppose I'm making a prediction for a good cause!

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I've explained my reasoning on this prediction before, but in case you missed it, I just think it comes down to the 49ers matching up so well against the Ravens. It is not a slight against the Ravens because they are a good football team. And they have proven they can win against the toughest odds. They went on the road and sprung huge upsets of the Broncos and Patriots. Sentiment is on their side in a lot of ways.

But when it comes right down to it, this a game the 49ers should win. It doesn't mean they will win, but they are the better team. At times, the 49ers have been inconsistent as favorites against quality opponents. They need to come out today with bad intentions and take care of business as a favorite is supposed to do.