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Super Bowl 2013: 40 inspirational speeches to get you way too pumped up

We take a look at 40 inspirational movie speeches in two minutes. As if you needed more reason to get fired up.

I suppose if you are not sufficiently excited for today's game, it is possible you are dead. However, this video is one of my favorite random compilations. It features numerous inspirational speeches from movies, ranging from the heart-pounding to the absurd. It goes from goose bumps to laughter in seconds, but it is totally worth it.

The 49ers have generally appeared to be treating this game like a business trip, but there will be some butterflies when the game gets going. It would be unhuman to not be at least a little nervous. I suppose that rules out Justin Smith from being nervous!

The key is taking that in and just getting into the flow of the game. This applies particularly to Colin Kaepernick, but really everybody will just need to avoid being too amped up by the emotion of the moment. It could very well be that the team that better harnesses their emotions will get that needed early jump. A couple early scores does not guarantee a win for either team, but if you can get out front early, obviously all the better.

I did find this interesting:

Fortunately for us as fans, we can get as amped as we want. You don't want the blood pressure getting too high, but this is the last opportunity for this until next season. We might as well enjoy it all we can.