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49ers look to build on Super Bowl winning legacy

We take a look back at the 49ers' legacy of Super Bowl victories as the team prepares for a chance at historic No. 6.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers enter the Superdome today looking to secure the franchise's sixth Lombardi Trophy. There has been a lot of talk from the players about wanting to establish their own identity, separate from the great 49ers teams of the past. That's perfectly reasonable, especially when the past teams enjoy a little bit of smack talk themselves.

However, it is still a chance for this 49ers team to make some serious history. A win today nets the team their sixth Lombardi Trophy, matching the Steelers for most in history. More importantly though, the 49ers would be 6-0 in the big game, which no other franchise can claim, and likely will claim anytime soon.

Down below, I put together some video talking about the 49ers Super Bowl history. It's broken up into two parts, with the first covering the Bill Walsh Super Bowls, and the second covering the George Seifert Super Bowls. Additionally, make sure and read through Aaron's recaps of each Super Bowl victory:

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