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Super Bowl 2013: 49ers-Ravens second quarter open thread

We take a quick look back at the first quarter, and provide an open thread for second quarter Super Bowl discussion.


We've gotten to the second quarter as things finally settle into the normal ebb and flow of any football game. I would hope butterflies have settled down at this point, and the extra adrenaline is coming down.

The 49ers couldn't get much going on their first drive, as a great pass to Vernon Davis was called back on an illegal formation penalty. The 49ers punted to the Ravens, who quickly marched down the field on a 54-yard drive, capped by a touchdown pass to Anquan Boldin.

The 49ers responded on their next drive, going back to basics. Kap found Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis, and the team fed Frank Gore as they marched down the field. The drive stalled out after getting to the Ravens 8, leaving us with a 7-3 score. The Ravens got the ball back to wrap the first quarter but their drive stalled out thanks to a big Ray McDonald sack. Ravens will punt to start the second quarter.