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Super Bowl 2013: 49ers-Ravens third quarter open thread

We look back at the second quarter, and provide an open thread for third quarter Super Bowl discussion.


The 49ers and Ravens head into the second half of Super Bowl XLVII with Baltimore leading 21-6, in a game that is quickly getting out of hand. The 49ers have done just about all they can to blow this one, and it looked like they might survive the second quarter only down 11. And then Chris Culliver completely blew his coverage of Jacoby Jones. Jones hauled in a Flacco bomb, fell down, was not touched and made his way into the end zone.

The 49ers did get a field goal on a 1:15 drive to close the half, but it was generally an ugly half of football to say the least. San Francisco will need to make some serious adjustments in the second half if they want to get back into this thing. They are only down 15 with a half to go, but you can only dig so deep a hole before it becomes too hard to recover. Coaching adjustments will be there, but they also need to clean up their execution a whole hell of a lot.