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Super Bowl 2013: 49ers, Ravens inactives features no real surprises

We take a look at inactives for 49ers-Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII.

Win McNamee

The game is so close we can taste it! We get one step closer as the inactives have been released. There is nothing remotely surprising about the inactives. WR Chad Hall is active again, so it will be interesting to see how the 49ers use him and A.J. Jenkins. We saw Hall get playing time over Jenkins already, so maybe it happens again?

For now, we just want this thing to get here and get going. The team is about as well as they could be from the health perspective. Justin Smith is dealing with the triceps issue, but he's battling through it, and has said he has four quarters left. Let's hope there's no overtime! He'll be getting surgery in the offseason, but that's a lifetime away at this point.

49ers inactives: QB Scott Tolzien, S Trenton Robinson, RB Jewel Hampton, OLB Cam Johnson, DL Tony Jerod-Eddie, OG Joe Looney, NT Ian Williams

Ravens inactives: CB Asa Jackson, S Omar Brown, CB Chris Johnson, LB Adrian Hamilton, OL Ramon Harewood, WR Deonte Thompson, DT Bryan Hall