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Super Bowl picks and predictions from 49ers fans in the Superdome

We talk to some fans about their pre-game Super Bowl predictions.

I had a chance to make my way around the Superdome before tonight's game, and I got a little bit of video with two sets of 49ers fans. There are a lot of 49ers fans, but plenty did not want to jinx things with a pick. I am perfectly fine with that, so we cut it to these two sets of fans.

Thus far, it definitely sounds a bit more pro-Ravens than pro-49ers, but I also think the 49ers fans have a solid showing. It will be interesting though how the crowd plays into this as the game moves along. It's a neutral site with a lot of corporate people, which is something that has often led to occasionally sterile Super Bowl crowds. I do not think we'll see that kind of issue today when the 49ers and Ravens take the field.

All that's left now is to play the game. Let's go 49ers!