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Ravens fake field goal leaves many scratching their heads

The Baltimore Ravens made a huge play midway through the second quarter, intercepting 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick. The Ravens led 14-3 and starting in 49ers territory put them in position to go for a bit of a kill shot. And then they overthought things.

After stalling out inside the 49ers 15, the Ravens brought on the field goal unit to go for the easy shot at a 17-3 lead. And then they ran a fake.


I assume John Harbaugh was thinking he'd catch the 49ers off-guard and go for a bit of a kill shot. He is a former special teams coordinator, so this isn't exactly foreign territory. Of course, it worked out OK since the 49ers were unable to get anything done on offense and subsequently punted. Nonetheless, until this game gets to zero, the Ravens likely want whatever points they can get. Of course, if the 49ers continue playing the way they have, those three points might not matter.