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Super Bowl power outage: When the lights…go down…in the dome

Well, that was certainly interesting. My first Super Bowl and my first trip to New Orleans needed to have a little bit more weirdness. As the 49ers are getting their asses handed to them by the Ravens, the Superdome decided to cool things down a bit. The power went out and we had a solid 30-minute delay before the game got going again. The auxiliary generators allowed for enough lighting to keep it from pitch black, but we all got to sit around waiting for the power to come back on.

Reports are indicating it was a stadium issue and not a power supplier issue. Either way, this gets Candlestick Park off the books as the most embarrassing NFL power outage in recent memory. I'd imagine we'll get plenty of post mortem, but I can say the fans handled it well. We had the wave for a few minutes, and of course some Let's Go Niners and Let's Go Ravens chants.

They eventually got things going, but it remains to be seen what will go down as the bigger power outage tonight: the Superdome or the 49ers offense.

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