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Super Bowl final score: 49ers lose to Ravens in mistake-fueled performance

We take a quick look back at the 49ers heart-breaking loss in Super Bowl XLVII

Rob Carr

Words cannot begin to describe how much this sucks. We thought losing to the Giants in last year's NFC Championship Game sucked, and yet this is so much worse. The 49ers played some atrocious football at times, and yet they still had a chance to win this thing late. It was a wildly entertaining game, but that is little comfort after a season that had them on the verge of Lombardi No. 6.

This was my first Super Bowl and watching the confetti come down after the game was truly painful. I was going to get down for the post-game interviews and locker room scene, but after watching this, I have no interest in that at all. So, I'm wrapping this up and going to drink myself into oblivion.

Please keep things respectful toward each other. Feel free to complain about the officiating all you want, and there is no need to be happy. But do not attack each other. It's painful enough without having to deal with idiots.