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Super Bowl tv ratings set monster ratings, and we don't care

We take a look at the record-setting Super Bowl ratings from the 49ers tough loss to the Ravens.


It should surprise nobody that a day after one of the most entertaining Super Bowls in NFL history, overnight television ratings are indicating this will go down as the most viewed television program in American TV history. The combination of the third quarter black out, followed by the furious 49ers comeback attempt led to what should surpass last year's record rating.

And 49ers could not care less.

I had the privilege (and pain) of watching the game in the press box and if I were a neutral observer there is no doubt in my mind I would see the glorious nature of the game. It looked like it might turn into a stinker, but then the 49ers turned it into a second half barn burner.

Down the road, I will probably be able to better acknowledge the thrilling nature of it. For now though, it just hurts. It hurts a lot. To come so close, to put yourself into a position to win the game, and then to come up short? It was last year's NFC Championship Game multiplied.

I don't expect the sting to go away anytime soon. I will go back and watch the game to figure out some of what went wrong, but it won't be easy, that's for sure. For now, we mourn a brutal loss. Eventually I'll be able to fully look ahead to what could be next year, but for now, there is a threshold that remains to be crossed.