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Golden Nuggets: Moving on after the Super Bowl

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.


It's time to look ahead to the offseason. The San Francisco 49ers have a lot to be proud of for their performance this past season and in the end, I do believe they did enough to win the game or put themselves in a position to do that outside of the refereeing. In the end, excuses are just excuses.

Now we have to look to free agency and the 2013 NFL Draft. Before all of that, we have the Scouting Combine later this month. That's all I care about right now. Getting a few more pieces and taking another run at things next year. I'm drained ... but being pessimistic throughout this whole process has made looking forward a bit easier.

Still, let's just get to your quick links for the day. Enjoy, folks.

PFF: Justin Smith has worst game of season (Maiocco)

Justin Smith faces three-month rehab after triceps surgery (Maiocco)

Romanowski, Dwight Clark rip Moss' "alligator arms" (Barrows)

49ers look to promising future after 'devastating' loss (Branch)

49ers fans didn't travel well, maybe because they're paying for seat licenses (BA Sports Guy)

Play time: Moss sees most action of season (Maiocco)

Cary Williams: Ravens physical; 49ers 'pretenders' (NFL)

Super Bowl loss makes 49ers even more dangerous (CSN Bay Area)

Niners' final drive will be replayed, analyzed criticized (SFGate)

Poole: Jim Harbaugh, Greg Roman saved worst for last (Mercury News)

Super Bowl falls short of ratings record (CSN Bay Area)

Mike Pereira: I'm demonstrating why I was a terrible referee in my day (paraphrasing) (NFL)

John Harbaugh: Jim will have 49ers 'roaring back' soon (Maiocco)

Harbaughs watch together? Never happen (SFGate)

49ers lose in the Super Bowl - who's to blame? (BA Sports Guy)

Super Bowl blackout: 49ers new high-tech stadium would not fail during big game, boosters say (Mercury News)

Holding on intentional safety exposes loophole in rules (PFT)

Frank Gore: 'Niners were better team' (ESPN)