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Super Bowl 2013: Former 49ers champions question effort of Randy Moss

Following the Super Bowl, former San Francisco 49ers champions show disapproval in Randy Moss' performance.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Following the aftermath of Super Bowl XLVII, a few former San Francisco 49ers players have gone off on Randy Moss. The major theme has been his lack of effort in what was the biggest game of his career. The Niners had him playing more snaps in the Super Bowl than he had during the regular season.

It seemed that he would carry a bigger role in that game. And probably not a horrible guess by the San Francisco coaching staff to assume Moss would give everything he had in this game. But it seemed to backfire on them, as Bill Romanowski and Dwight Clark point out with the Ed Reed interception.

After the game, the two spoke emotionally on CSN Bay Area in this video seen here.

Romanowski was pretty heated when he spoke about Moss' lack of effort. He said Moss "alligator armed it" and he let the ball sail over his head instead of going up for it. Clark also supported Romanowski's case, "He didn't alligator arm it, he didn't even reach up for it."

It didn't take long for critics to point out Moss' performance in this one, or lack thereof. Right before the Super Bowl, both Jim Harbaugh and Randy Moss were content with how this past season played out, and that there might be a chance No. 84 returns in 2013.

After Harbaugh reviews the tape, he could have a change of heart.

"The one thing you cannot have in the Super Bowl is lack of effort," Romanowski said stamping his index finger on the desk.