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Jim Harbaugh talks Dashon Goldson

Jim Harbaugh met with the media to wrap up the season and discussed a variety of topics. We take a look at his comments surrounding free safety Dashon Goldson's contract status.

Chris Graythen

49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh met with the media to wrap up the 2012 season, and he hit on a variety of topics. Although we did not hear a ton of specifics, Coach Harbaugh did have some comments about free agent free safety Dashon Goldson.

Harbaugh was asked about Goldson and his long-term future and he did say he thinks Goldson was the kind of guy who deserves to get rewarded. He acknowledged Goldson would be a priority as they head into the offseason.

We can take this with a certain measure of salt given that Harbaugh never really committed to specifics. Of course Goldson is a priority. His contract status is one of the biggest offseason issues the team faces. However, just because he is a priority, does not mean a deal will get done. There is a lot to be figured out before that can happen.

Goldson also spoke to the media earlier in the day, and indicated he really did not want to deal with the franchise tag for a second straight year. That again is not a surprising comment. His agent will work with the team, and we'll find out in the next month or so if the team will tag Goldson.

It is noteworthy from Goldson's comments that the team did give him some heads-up on other contracts that were being done:

It was just like, they were getting deals done and I could get a deal done. There wasn't any hard feelings. It was just, "OK." They respected me. They let me know before they signed guys. I had the heads up. I respect them for that.

The relationship seems to be on solid ground as we move into the offseason. Whether that means a deal gets done remains to be seen. It will come down to dollars at this point, and where the 49ers value Goldson compared to the rest of the market. And of course, if they are willing to risk a potential holdout if they tag him for the second straight year.

How would you handle the situation? Tag, extension or let him walk? I like an extension if the price is right, given some of the consistency concerns. Goldson is a big-time playmaker, but sometimes he can be incredibly frustrating. We take the bad with the good, but with pay-day approaching, the 49ers need to figure out where they value the good and the bad.