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49ers championship gear available to kids in Africa, Central America, Europe

We take a look at the many places you can find 49ers "Super Bowl champions" gear around the world.


Earlier today, I discussed the five stages of grief, and how we are all recovering from the 49ers devastating Super Bowl loss on Sunday. Well, if you are stuck in the denial stage, I have good news! You too can own 49ers Super Bowl championship gear if you happen to be in Zambia, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Armenia and Romania.

Darren Rovell had a report on all the merchandise that would be donated to a charity called Worldvision. In the past, they have donated championship sweatshirts to kids in Mongolia, and championship t-shirts to kids in sub-Saharan Africa. If you happen to be roaming the world, keep an eye out and you might see a 49ers title t-shirt, or maybe some Patriots 19-0 gear.

Apparently though, you are not able to purchase them legally in the US. We need to get people finding these and wearing them to next year's draft:

And if you're a fan of the winning squad, forget about adding insult to injury. The NFL has a legal agreement stating that the shirts must never appear for sale online or be sold anywhere in the United States. For this bit of schadenfreude, you'll have to fly to Zambia.

I like to think I'm starting to reach a better place where I can laugh at things like this. Last night, when I got back from New Orleans, I was watching something I had TIVO'd from CBS that evening. Since it was the day after the Super Bowl, one of the early commercials was the Joe Flacco Disney commercial. I have never worked so quickly to fast forward through something. I don't think that will ever be easy to watch, but otherwise I think I'm slowly moving forward.