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Golden Nuggets: Dashon Goldson wants contract; Colin Kaepernick shows leadership

Wednesday, February 6, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

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I don't have much to say today. I did the Nuggets following the loss. It was sad. I'll do them today. It will be sad. The team at Niners Nation is already getting ready for combine, draft coverage, and the like. Me, I'm just sitting here on my couch on the other side of the world. Won't talk to much up top, I've got some thoughts on the day's news. It's the only way to move on, going about our daily routines.

Here's the links...

Super Bowl XLVII: Ravens 34, 49ers 31

Mike Sando has compiled some of the days thoughts on the officiating from the big game. We all agree it left much to be desired. | Dead horse? Wait there could be a pulse (Sando)

Do you like being haunted by the past? So do I. You should totally read this piece by the wonderful Matt Maiocco to relive it, play for play. | A closer look at 49ers' final four plays (Maiocco)

This is exactly why Colin Kaepernick is the man for now and the future. He's showing true leadership with this one, and besides, the ball was a mile over Randy Moss' head. | Kaepernick: Interception was all my fault, not Moss' (NBC)

Did anyone notice how bad our defense was down the stretch. The only game we held our opponent under 24 was against the Cardinals. They had a high school offense with a junior high school quarterback and they still put up 13 points on us. | Why the 49ers defense faltered at the end of season (SF Gate)

Why the 49ers' defense faltered at the end of the season (SF Gate)

Hmm.... | Superdome officials worried months ago about power outage (Mercury News)

Film review: The defense of the 49ers was at fault (Gin)

Donte Whitner spreads blame for long TD pass to Jacoby Jones (BASG)

Ex-Raven Trevor Pryce on Ray Lews: "I think he had the yips" (CBS)

49ers' Super Bowl party was 'pretty down' (Mercury News)

Harbaugh wishes final play calls were different; Goldson doesn't want franchise tag (Inman)

Super Bowl XLVII game notes (

Kaepernick displays big time poise (

Roster News

There are two big questions in the offseason regarding our current personnel. The most important is probably Dashon Goldson. He wants to get paid after being franchised, and who can blame him. After the way he played this season, I say give him the money. The secondary had its issues in the postseason, but I think it was more tactical than skill-based. If we're only keeping one safety...see the above BASG article and tell me who you'd rather keep. | Dashon Goldson wants a long-term deal, no franchise tag (Gin)

What's the other big offseason question? If you don't know....shame on you. All sorts of speculation will begin flying around, starting in 3, 2, 1....go....about what to do with Alex Smith. There's really no reason to keep him at his current salary, starter money. | Jim Harbaugh says 49ers don't have to grant Alex Smith's wish (and where everyone goes from here) (BASG)

Well, seeing as he was pretty useless for most of the year, his father may get his wish. I don't know how pops wanted us to use him, cause he can't run a route to save his life. | Ted Ginn's father wants him out of San Francisco (NBC)

So far in his career, AJ Jenkins has said all the right things. We're still waiting for him to run the hill with Jerry Rice. But, in lieu of fulfilling that promise, he can fulfil this one... | AJ Jenkins to train with Kaepernick; want to return a 'totally different player' (Barrows)

Niners face important free-agent decisions on key players (NBC)

San Francisco should keep Alex Smith (Purdy)

Harbaugh on Goldson: "He's somebody that I think you reward" (Branch)

Should the 49ers keep Alex Smith? (SF Gate)

Top free agent wide receiver rankings (Pro Football Central)


Harbaugh hopes to keep coaching staff in tact (CSN)

Coach's notebook: February 5 (


Raw video: Colin Kaepernick, Vernon Davis pack up lockers (NBC)

Press pass: Patrick Willis (

Press pass: Colin Kaepernick (

Press pass: Jim Harbaugh (

49ers move on to offseason (

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