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Justin Smith ready to rehab, return for another shot at a Super Bowl

Justin Smith is having triceps surgery later this week. Smith briefly spoke to the media on Tuesday about his future.


Earlier this week, word came out that Justin Smith would be undergoing surgery later this week on his partially torn triceps muscle. He is expected to require tow to three months of rehab, getting him back in time for some of the 49ers OTAs before training camp.

Smith spoke with the media on Tuesday and confirmed that he would indeed be back for the 2013 season. Approximately eight months ago, Smith discussed championship windows, along with his own specific window:

I figure I've got three more good years in me, four more good years. I don't want to be the guy who becomes the third down guy who plays 17 (snaps). I don't want to do that. I'm figuring let's go, you know? Time is of the essence for me, not everybody else. We have a young defense, but I think everybody feels the urgency and we've got the guys right now. Let's not wait.

It is worth noting that Justin Smith is entering the final season of the six year deal he signed back in 2008. I wonder if it will take another Mike Nolan-led chopper ride around the Bay Area to get him inked for another two or three years?

The 49ers do need to figure out their long-term plans at the position. Demarcus Dobbs will get plenty of play at defensive end in training camp and the preseason. Could he be a long-term solution? Or does the team need to really consider options in the draft?