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Golden Nuggets: A letter from Jed York; Assorted Roster Musings

Thursday, February 7, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Thearon W. Henderson

Thursday Nuggets. They used to have things in them, like videos, or interviews or who knows what. Nowadays, there's just lamenting about our loss and the odd what are we gonna do with _______ articles. I can finally get going on my hobbies like, um..... football. It's a good thing the Aussie Rules will be starting up soon. The two seasons overlap near perfectly.

I just checked it out. We gave up 399 yards per game in postseason and 29.7 points and 22.7 first downs over our three games. Granted...we were playing elite teams, but those totals would be good for 31st in yards allowed, 32nd (yes, last) in points allowed, and 30th in first downs allowed. Our defense is in the neighbourhood of the Saints and Jaguars, people. Not good.


Starting it off is a personal letter from 49ers big boss, Jed York. Unless you're a troll from another team, in which he doesn't mean you! | Thank you 49ers faithful (

Super Bowl XLVII: Raves 34, 49ers 31

Here's my Super Bowl post. Looking at stats from the game, and the postseason as a whole paint a bleak picture. Gave up 350 yards in each playoff game but only did that twice on the year. Gave up 20+ first downs in each game and did that 5 times on the year. We couldn't have picked a worse time to play horribly on defense. And our inconsistency killed us. | Ravens top 49ers; Niners have no one to blame but selves (Malone)

Behind the box score: How'd the 49ers really lose (BASG)

Pivotal plays: Super Bowl's top 5 (Sando)

Where's the pistol? A review of the 49ers' last offensive drive (SF Gate)

Roster News

Matt Barrows has compiled a large, alphabetical list of who may be gone. David Akers is at the top of any list, alphabetical or priority-based. Alex Smith another big one. | Ax men? A look at which 49ers might not be back in 2013 (Barrows)

Matt Maiocco does the same, and identifies Dashon Goldson as the player able to leave who most needs to be re-signed. Goldson played well, but the safety position, while great against the run, needs some help on the long ball. | 49ers' top free-agent priority? Dashon Goldson (Maiocco)

Alex Smith, Matt Flynn in similar situations (Pro Football Talk)

Removing Alex Smith, David Akers: A smart financial move for Niners (49erswebzone)

Assorted News

In case you haven't heard, Delanie Walker's aunt and uncle were killed in a car crash in Louisiana. They're from California and were there for the Super Bowl. Drunk driver. | Report: Walker's aunt, uncle killed in car crash after Super Bowl (Gin)

More talk about the wear and tear our defense endured towards the end of the season, as evidenced by my ranking stats at the top. | Why 49ers might have to adjust approach (Sando)

Secondary coach Ed Donatell was apparently blocked from interviewing for the New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator opening. He's being very practical about the situation, saying that he signed the contract. | Donatell calls system that denied his promotion fair (Maiocco)

See ya next year...maybe (notes from the last day in 49ers' locker room) (BASG)

When Montana nearly blacked out in a game (Sando)

Jim Harbaugh not calming down on 49ers' sideline (

Donte Whitner: Next year we're gonna win this thing (Pro Football Talk)


Jim Harbaugh on 95.7 The Game (

Photo blog: 49ers-Giants charity shoot-out (

Being a Sheep

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