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49ers offseason needs: Community decision time

The 49ers have numerous needs to consider heading into this 2013 offseason. In order to sort through them, how about we create a community designed list?

Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

The offseason is now upon us, which means we will be sorting through a veritable who's who of free agent and draft prospects. The 49ers have a variety of needs, although most likely focus in on depth rather than starters. Dashon Goldson remains a big question mark, and resolution of his status could dictate a lot of what the 49ers do this offseason.

In the past we've created a big board of draft prospects via a community poll. I decided this year to open the offseason by creating a big board of 49ers personnel needs. The tool we use does not allow for adjusting some of the phrasing, so please ignore references to the draft. I would use one of the many polling options available online, but their free versions offer limited voting options.

For this poll, we are basically just looking big picture. Of the various positions, rank the top five you think the 49ers need to address this offseason. Also, this does not mean necessarily adding new players. Getting Dashon Goldson extended would qualify under "Safety". This isn't 100% clear, but hopefully it makes some sense. You are voting in order of most important.

I might look into some other voting options if this doesn't work, but hopefully everybody can figure it out. I'll post my selection and reasons in the comments rather than potentially influence people up here before they vote.

If you have any questions, please ask in the comments.