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This Week in Niners Nation: Post-Super Bowl Edition

This Week in Niners Nation, a weekly revisiting of Niners Nation content. This week we take a look at the not-so-Super Bowl, why we came up short, and where we go from here.


I know everyone is down after the loss in the big game. Who can blame us? It hurts, it stings and it stinks. There's only one thing to do from here and that is move forward. We've got most of our team coming back. Colin Kaepernick almost engineered the greatest comeback in football history (with a little help from the creaky old Superdome itself). His chemistry with his targets in the passing game will only increase with him getting more starts and having an entire offseason of first team reps under his belt. Getting Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree going at the same time, combined with our brutal run game will give defensive coordinators nightmares.

But, there is a big question. What the hell happened to our defense? They spent most of last season inspiring fear in all they met, before running out of steam. I'll repeat a couple of stats from yesterday's Nuggets, if you don't mind me plagiarizing myself...

We gave up 399 yards per game, 29.7 points per game and 22.7 first downs over the three playoff games. This was, obviously, against the elite. Those totals, had they been our averages during the year would be good for 31st in yards allowed, 32nd in points allowed (last place people) and 30th in first downs against. Once the pass rush fell off, our secondary became second-rate and the defense as a whole was saved by the offense in each of the postseason games. Where do we go from here?

Super Bowl Fallout

We'll start with Fooch's brief summary after the final whistle. While the post isn't much (sorry Fooch), you can relive the sorrow through the nearly 2,000 comments. Grief is a thing best shared with 2,000 of your closest friends. | 49ers lose to Ravens in a mistake-filled performance (Fooch)

James Brady has some words for Randy Moss. He's got a good point. If you want to be the best ever, you better come up big in the big games. How did Mr Moss come up? Small (I wish I could change the font on the word small, but I don't know how....just imagine it, if you would). | So Randy Moss, you want to be the greatest ever? (Brady)

I present you with my version of Super Bowl Monday, as it were here in Australia. There were no tortilla chips at the supermarket. What a bad day. | Views from an Australian couch on a bad day (Malone)

James takes a look at who came up shortest on the big stage and what we might hope to do with them in the offseason. Randy Moss, Chris Culliver and Donte Whitner are on his dollar sign-h-i-t list. | Super Bowl non-MVPs: Do these guys need to be replaced? (Brady)

Urnext recaps all the games from last week. There was a lot of action. OK, who are we kidding, we lost the Super Bowl. That's what happened. I'm over pretending it didn't, after trying to convince everyone in Australia that I don't know what they're talking about when they ask me about the Super Bowl. | Ray Lewis can walk on water (urnext)

Oh, that final drive. Started so well. Ended so sadly. The plays on the final sequence will haunt us forever. The only way to kill that ghost is to win a Super Bowl. | Breaking down the 49ers final drive (Fooch)

Roster Analysis

Dylan takes a look at how poorly our secondary performed in the Super Bowl. It was bad all postseason, wasn't it. What are we going to do in the offseason? Good thing we have a competent front office and coaching staff. All we can hope is that we learn and move ahead. Super Bowl XLVIII, anyone? | Ravens receivers, 49ers secondary and contract time (DeSimone)

James presents us with a possible solution at wide receiver. We had so many injuries at the position that Ted Ginn Jr had to play a part in the offense in the Super Bowl. Seriously, Ted Ginn Jr! While I like his line of thought, the last person I want on this team is a poison pill from Jim Shortz and the Lyins. There's some intriguing ideas in the comments, as well. | Titus Young released: After a serious attitude adjustment, worth a look for 49ers? (Brady)

Here's a list of our free agents. We're in pretty good shape on this front. | Complete list of potential UFAs via NFLPA (Fooch)

Jason Hurley is taking a look at different players who may become salary cap casualties. Up first is David Akers. He may be less of a salary cap casualty and more of a can't kick a field goal casualty. | 49ers salary cap cut candidates: David Akers (Hurley)

Next up on Mr Hurley's bad boy list is...| 49ers salary cap cut candidates: Carlos Rogers (Hurley)

What two positions groups needed the most help in the offseason? Mock drafts will often let you know what the experts think, especially when you're drafting later in the first round and they have no freaking idea who will still be around. What to do?...find a weak position and plug a player. | Mel Kiper, Todd McShay mock drafts have 49ers looking at defensive line and wide receiver (Fooch)

Hot Topics

Niners Nation, silver lining. Silver lining, Niners Nation. I hope you two get well acquainted because one of you could really use the other right now. | On the bright side, the 49ers have their quarterback (DeSimone)

For anyone who's in need, I'd like to introduce you to our grief councillor, Dr Fucillo. He's got a list of ideas that may help you through the five stages. | Getting through the stages of grief (Fooch)

Going into the playoffs, my two biggest concerns were our inconsistencies and who would take some pressure off Michael Crabtree as the No. 2 wide receiver. Vernon Davis showed up in the passing game, finally, but No. 2 receiver was non-existent. Did you notice any inconsistent play? | The 2012 49ers' buzzword? Inconsistency (Wes Hanson)

Here's a bit more on the topic of young Colin Kaepernick and what he means for the future of our franchise. He played amazingly in the playoffs, came back from a huge deficit against Atlanta and nearly led the greatest comeback in football history. And that's the now. What about the upside? | Colin Kapernick continues to help mold the identity of the 49ers (DeSimone)

James tackles the topic of why we start the games so slowly. It's been killing us, as evidenced by a certain big game you might have seen us fail in. | Jim Harbaugh and the lack of 49ers success early in games (Brady)


Well the FanPost of the week was an easy one. It was so well-written that Fooch put it on the front page, meaning, of course that it would garner the most comments and recs. What are we going to do with Alex Smith. | Alex Smith... Release or trade? If trade ... to whom? For what? (49erFanSince1950)

Delmuir tells us why their done watching football. I don't know if I believe them. I'm pretty miffed, myself, but I'll be back. You'll be back. You'll all be back. It's football. | That'll do for me (Delmuir)

And we have a final entry, examining what our biggest priority might be in the offseason. If the playoffs were any indicator, I'd say secondary. If the regular season was any indicator, the secondary was near perfect and is the strength of the team. What the....? | What is your biggest priority for improving the 2013 roster? (nickbradley)

Being a Sheep

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