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Alex Smith rumors: Jaguars potentially out of the picture?

The Jacksonville Jaguars will reportedly stick with Blaine Gabbert for one more season. We take a look at how this might impact the Alex Smith sweepstakes.


Earlier this week, 49erFanSince1950 put together an excellent FanPost looking at potential trade options for 49ers QB Alex Smith. It is highly unlikely that Alex Smith is a member of the 49ers later this summer, but the potential return on a trade makes his story one to follow until a deal happens.

The latest "news" would seem to potentially remove the Jacksonville Jaguars from any list of landing spots for Smith. Reports out of Jacksonville indicate the Jaguars are prepared to roll the dice with Blaine Gabbert in 2013. While optimism is not exactly rampant for Gabbert, he is entering his third year, and one would imagine it is as good a time as any for the Jaguars to make a final decision on Gabbert under their new regime.

There are quite a few potential landing spots for Alex Smith, with numerous teams struggling at the quarterback position for one reason or another. My money is on the Chiefs at this point. If a trade happens, I don't see the 49ers dealing Smith in the division to Arizona. The Jets are a possibility, but Mark Sanchez's contract is a cluster of epic proportions. As 49erFanSince1950 pointed out, the Bills and Browns are two teams that could use some help, so they will remain in the picture.

But for now, the Jaguars would appear to be out of the picture, at least tentatively. If Gabbert is their guy in 2013, they will not be acquiring Alex Smith in the meantime.