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2013 offseason off topic open thread

How about an open thread about everything and anything unrelated to the Super Bowl?

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

As we have transitioned to the offseason, most of our posts have focused on rehashing the Super Bowl, news around the league, or looking ahead to the offseason and the many transactions. For many people, getting to those offseason transactions are enough to distract from last Sunday's tough loss. For many others, that is not necessarily the case.

For people looking to talk about anything but the Super Bowl, I thought I'd roll out an open thread. There is no discussion of the Super Bowl in here, and generally I'd prefer no discussion about the 49ers unless it is an unrelated humorous angle. This thread is meant for trying to forget things for a bit. I understand the irony of having this on a 49ers blog.

Most any topic is open for discussion, aside from the usual politics, religion and that sort of thing. Maybe you're ready for spring training and baseball. Maybe you're getting back into college basketball as March Madness approaches. Maybe it's entirely unrelated to sports.

I realized this week that I basically had paid no attention to any other sports over the last month or so. I'm normally a big college basketball fan, with UNLV being my school of choice. They're playing New Mexico tonight on NBC Sports Network, so I figured I'll throw that one on TV and enjoy that for a bit. Of course, sports has only served to kick me in the junk lately, so maybe it's best to just avoid sports entirely.

Whatever your choice, I am going to post this thread in the top three for the coming days. It will start on the right and move left, and when it gets to slot three (after two more articles are published), I'm going to pin it there. One of the perks to the SB Nation United look is that we can pin posts up top without forcing every post to go beneath it. We'll continue to have plenty of 49ers content, but in the meantime, this is one opportunity to enjoy the community without having to talk football.