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49ers NFL schedule 2013, review/preview: Tennessee Titans

I look that the Titans as they head into Free Agency.


The Titans had somewhat of a back and forth season. The blow outs were ugly - ugly to the tune of six loses in which they were behind by 21 points or more. But, at times, they beat teams that have some talent, including the Lions, Steelers and Bills. However, the Titans did not beat a playoff team last year.

One of the problems is Jake Locker. In my opinion, I think he is a good QB, but probably not a starter in this league. Not nearly a franchise QB. So, I would argue that QB is an area of need for the Titans. And yet, I think the team is fine moving ahead with Locker as their guy for, at least, next season. As such, we ought to consider the other problems plaguing the team as they head into Free Agency.

And that's easy: defense.

The Titans make the 49ers pass defense look pristine. They really could not protect against the pass. Having signed S George Wilson makes the situation easier, but they still need to decide what to do with Michael Griffin and Jordan Babineaux. In addition, they need some serious CB depth. I have an inkling that they will go the CB route in the first round of the draft.

Even if the defense presents many problems for the Titans, there is still work to be done on the offense too. The disappearance of Chris Johnson has been a hot topic of discussion for a while now, and I'm not going to be able to solve it. That said, part of the problem must reside with the o-line - particularly at the Guard position. Look for the Titans to bring in some interior linemen. And yes, that likely includes Center, unless the Titans can resign their stud C in Fernando Velasco.

Key Free Agents: K Rob Bironas, C Fernando Velasco, KR Darius Reynaud, TE Jared Cook.