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Joe Flacco agrees to contract exceeding $120 million, according to report

We take a look at the six year, $120 million-plus contract Joe Flacco reportedly agreed to with the Baltimore Ravens.


Win a Super Bowl, cash in your lottery ticket. I guess that is how it plays out. Fox Sports' Jay Glazer is reporting the Baltimore Ravens came to terms with quarterback Joe Flacco on a six year contract worth in excess of $120 million. The contract makes him the highest paid quarterback in NFL history. I'd imagine that distinction will not last too long with other quarterbacks looking at new deals, but it is a hefty sum nonetheless.

As with any NFL contract, the reported number is generally not the number that actually matters. The pertinent number will be the guaranteed dollars Flacco gets when he puts pen to paper. Like most every big contract in the NFL, this contract will be re-structured in some form or fashion before the six years is up. That's just the nature of the business.

And yet, even still, that guaranteed money is likely to be quite hefty. I know plenty of 49ers will complain about the fact that he benefited from luck and good fortune quite a bit in the Super Bowl, but at the end of the day, he stepped up and took advantage of his opportunity. And now he's getting paid.

Now, if Colin Kaepernick puts together a strong 2013 campaign, I pray the 49ers lock him up ASAP before his potential contract value gets into the nine figure stratosphere. A strong 2013 with a Super Bowl win would boost his value considerably, but it might still be early enough to get a remotely decent deal in place. We'll see how the 49ers and Kap's team play it.