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49ers opponents 2013 review/preview: Washington Redskins

I take a look at the Redskins as we are thrust into Free Agency.


And thus we approach out last opponent review. With Free Agency having officially begun, the review portions after this piece will be cut out, and in their place we will look at offseason moves in anticipation of the draft. Then, after the draft, we will have one more batch of articles.

But until then, we still have the Redskins to examine. Like the Indianapolis Colts, the Redskins saw a young QB step in and take a team with quite a few weaknesses to the playoffs. Robert Griffin really did invigorate the team, and even though they played well when he was injured, I think it's clear that he is the spark that started this all.

That will be key for the team: keeping RG3 healthy. What that means on offense is upgrading on the o-line, most notably at Tackle. This might be different if RT Jammal Brown could be healthy for a whole season, but that has historically been tough for him to do. I think that the Redskins might also want to add some more traditional pass-oriented playmakers. Pierre Garcon had a great season with RG3, but the budding QB could use some more weapons. This allows the team to cut back on the read-option use if RG3's knees start to get beat. While they shouldn't cut that attack out of the offense, it's better if he can drop back in the pocket too.

The major needs, though, are absolutely on defense. That is a very porous defense, particularly in the secondary. Both safeties - Madieu Williams and Brandon Meriweather - could be upgraded; moreover, the CB position needs massive work, especially with Cedric Griffin on the market. The Redskins have also cut CB D.J. Johnson. They also resigned pass rusher Rob Jackson, which should help the secondary.

Key Free Agents: TE Fred Davis, G Kory Lichtensteiger, OT Jammal Brown.