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Ted Ginn, NaVorro Bowman travel to Africa to provide hearing aids to those in need

We take a look at the news that Ted Ginn Jr. and NaVorro Bowman traveled to Africa recently to distribute hearing aids to children.

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NFL free agency is the big storyline for the coming week, but that doesn't mean we'll ignore other interesting stories involving the 49ers. We have one such story courtesy of an Ohio television station. News Net 5 had a short article about how Ted Ginn Jr. and NaVorro Bowman traveled to Uganda to help provide hearing aids to children in need.

The trip was organized by a group called Pros for Africa. Pros for Africa is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that "encourages professionals of all fields to share what they know, have and create with the children of Africa."

This might sound a little familiar to you (or maybe not). Back in 2011, during the NFL lockout, Vernon Davis and Vontae Davis were part of a similar group that went to Africa. They taught the kids football and engaged in all sorts of activities. It's always nice to see the players giving back in whatever way they can. And of course, it's always a plus being able to root for "good guys".