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Anquan Boldin traded to the 49ers, according to report

The San Francisco 49ers have acquired wide receiver Anquan Boldin from the Baltimore Ravens in exchange for a sixth round pick, according to a report.


Fooch's note: Site decorum is off

Things certainly just got that much more interesting. After seeing the Seahawks send a first, a seventh and a 2014 mid-round pick to the Vikings for Percy Harvin, the 49ers have countered.

The Baltimore Ravens were expected to cut Anquan Boldin if they couldn't work out a contract restructure with him. Looks like they figured out exactly what to do. The 49ers get Boldin for a low pick, but part of that has to be related to the cost of keeping him. Boldin's 2013 contract is for $6 million. The 49ers have the space for him, but I have to wonder if they talk to him about a contract extension that lowers his 2013 cap number.

It is safe to say the NFC West is to quote a good friend of mine, "becoming an arms race." I don't suspect this was entirely in response to the Seahawks move, but it might have pushed the 49ers to make it happen sooner. The 49ers could have waited for Boldin to be released, but you never know what happens once he hits the open market. Instead, the 49ers took a proactive approach.

Welcome back to the NFC West, Anquan!