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Anquan Boldin trade: 49ers salary cap implications

We take a look at the salary cap implications of the Anquan Boldin trade.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

The news that Anquan Boldin has been traded to the San Francisco 49ers is still fresh, but there is plenty of angles to consider. The trade will not become official until Boldin undergoes and a physical, and that will not happen until he returns from charity work in Africa. Nonetheless, we can consider the various implications of the deal.

The Boldin trade provides serious depth to the wide receiver corps, but it also could result in the departure of a wide receiver. Per Pro Football Talk, the 49ers will not be re-doing Anquan Boldin's deal, which means he will earn his full $6 million base salary in what is the final year of his contract. As I understand it, the remaining $1,531,250 in prorated bonus will be dead money for the Ravens.

According to Matt Maiocco, the 49ers have $5.1 million in cap space, not including the Ian Williams deal. According to John Clayton, the 49ers have $2.7 million in cap space. According to our own Jason Hurley, they have a little over $4 million, not counting the Ian Williams deal. Whatever the case, that $6 million is more than the 49ers can clear. Once the 49ers trade away $8.5 million worth of Alex Smith, the room will be there.

The 49ers will have the space to make the trade, but the question then is what kind of moves might we expect to clear more space. Do the 49ers release the injured Mario Manningham? Or do they decide to stick with the roster as is, knowing they would not need as much space with Dashon Goldson not returning?

One thing that seems likely at this point is that this might end the Darrelle Revis rumors. Free agency and trades cannot kick in for another 23 hours, giving the 49ers plenty of time to figure out their next move.