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NFL free agency rumors: Is Desmond Bryant on the 49ers radar?

We take a look at a comment from Jason Cole that the 49ers might be interested in Raiders defensive lineman Desmond Bryant.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The big news of the day is the Anquan Boldin trade, but there is still plenty of other news as work our away toward the start of the new league year at 1:00 p.m. PT on Tuesday. The 49ers will likely finalize their trade of Alex Smith, clearing up a good chunk of cap space for the Boldin trade. That will also open the door for other moves the team might consider to fill some holes on the roster.

Jason Cole dropped this little nugget a little bit ago:

The 49ers gave been looking for front seven help, and Bryant could prove some solid depth along the line. He earned a shade under $2 million last year, so we'll see what the competition means for his salary as he heads into free agency. He seems like a solid upside guy, but I imagine a few teams probably think that and he could quickly price himself out of the 49ers range. Over at ESPN, Scouts Inc. had this to say about Bryant as he hits the market:

Bryant is a good-sized interior lineman with above-average initial quickness and agility plus a good level of balance and body control. He is a developing player who is starting to find a level of comfort in this system and can provide depth as well as the occasional start. He can recognize blocking schemes and locate the level of the ball while taking good angles to get to the play. He is not a natural pass-rusher but flashes enough quickness and upfield acceleration to pressure the pocket. He feels and will fight back through pressure and will squeeze the play down. He has developed his hand use and can defeat and shed blockers effectively.

Bryant stands 6'6 so he would be unlikely to do much nose tackle work. Instead, I could use him giving Justin Smith or Ray McDonald a breather when the team goes into the nickel. He likely would also get work in the base 3-4. The 49ers don't use the 3-4 all too frequently, so that pass rush work from the nickel would be the key. Again, I think he ends up outside the 49ers price range, but we'll see what the market bears.