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Ed Reed rumors: Will the 49ers continue developing Ravens West?

We take a look at the latest rumors surrounding the 49ers, this time covering Ravens free safety Ed Reed.


Apparently the 49ers might be taking this whole "if you can't beat 'em, sign/trade for 'em" seriously. The 49ers made a trade to acquire Anquan Boldin, and now it is possible they consider free safety Ed Reed. Although Reed has indicated an inclination to re-sign with the Ravens, it sounds more and more like a deal will not get done.

Reed has been without an agent, which means he has not been able to talk with other teams during this tamper-free period. However, earlier today, Reed hired David Dunn to represent him. This would seem to move him in the direction of getting something done soon, or simply wanting some help in his trip through free agency.

We've got a few tweets, with PFT indicating a source thinks Ed Reed goes to the 49ers.

Then we had a couple tweets about Dunn's connections to the 49ers and another potential destination:

I don't think the agent thing is necessarily huge, but it will be interesting to see where Reed lands. The 49ers are likely going to need a new free safety as Dashon Goldson seems likely to walk in free agency. Adding Reed could potentially put the 49ers in position to draft a safety for the future to groom behind the future Hall-of-Famer.