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49ers free agency rumors: Laron Landry might be on the radar

The 49ers have been linked to free agent safety Laron Landry. Does the rumor make sense?

Rick Stewart

The 49ers head into free agency potentially needing to fill some holes at safety. Dashon Goldson appears set to walk out the door in free agency, leaving the 49ers with a potentially sizable hole in that center field position. Early free agency rumors have focused on Ed Reed, but it should surprise nobody if the 49ers consider some other options.

This kind of move would surprise me, much like some suggestions on Twitter that the 49ers should make a run at recently released safety Adrian Wilson. These safeties fit more in a Donte Whitner role, as opposed to the Goldson role that would need to be filled.

There has been talk of the 49ers being able to interchange their safeties, but Landry and Whitner or Wilson and Whitner does not exactly inspire confidence in pass coverage. Does this rumor really make any sense, or is it just an agent trying to drum up some interest for his client?